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Heart Hot Water Bottle

    Heart Hot Water Bottle

    Warms the heart of your cockles

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      Funny how the hot water bottle conjures up different memories and feelings for different people. For some, it's the epitome of childhood bedtimes, or childhood bedtimes with a cold. For others, its life-saving efforts combating the feeble heating of less-than-stellar accomodation will always be appreciated. One thing should never be forgotten: a hot water bottle keeps your bed nicely warm, and surely, that's a good thing. When it's heart-shaped, it's a very good thing.

      Of course, some may laugh in the rubbery face of the hot water bottle, sneering at its cosyfying properties and claiming that they themselves can create enough heat bed-wise, if you get their drift. They're wrong. On so many levels. For example, the act of getting a member of the opposite sex back to your place for a night of passion is not enough - it's only polite to slip a hot bottle under the bedspread for the ultimate in nocturnal temperature control.

      And with the heart motif saying more than just "keep your feet warm with this, love, but don't be nicking all of the quilt", this particular bottle wins plaudits every time it's called upon to do what hot water bottles do best.

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