Heart Hole Punch
  • Heart Hole Punch

Heart Hole Punch

‘Cos hearts are better than holes

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    Surprise a loved one

    Makes a lovely heart shaped confetti

    Enough already with the Tim and Dawn-style office romance. What you need to do is make your romantic intentions clear by punching them home (not literally) with the ingenious Heart Hole Punch.

    Brought to you by our soppy ol’ friends at SUCK UK, this sturdy metal office essential punches heart-shaped holes in paperwork/love letters/photos of Justin Bieber. You’ll fall in love with filing all over again. Probably. And once you’re finished you’ll have a handy pile of heart-shaped confetti to a) use at your forthcoming nuptials, or b) vacuum up as you cry over your foolishly perforated annual report.

    Compatible with most filing systems

    Ideal for the office or the classroom

    Compatible with most filing systems, the Heart Hole Punch is ideal for use in the office or classroom, especially in the run up to Valentine’s Day, and can also be used to decorate letters and cards. ‘Dear Angelina, Mr Firebox hole heartedly fancies you…’

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