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    Plug into any MP3 player

    Plug into any MP3 player

    You’ve seen trendy art toys and you’ve heard mini speakers, so why not combine the two? Well that’s exactly what the creative geniuses behind Headphonies have done. These designer critters double up as portable speakers, so now you can annoy the masses with your music as well as your funky toys. How cool is that?

    Powerful Speaker at the back of the head

    Powerful Speaker at the
    back of the head

    ‘Very’ is the answer because Headphonies are set to take the world of art toys by storm. Highly collectable and strictly limited edition, these 3” ABS characters feature artwork by various ultra-cool designers, including Jeremy Madl and Eran Weinberg. No, we’re not entirely sure who they are (do you really think we’ve got time to read design mags?) but we’re positive they’re at the bleeding-edge of all that’s hip and trendy.
    Charges via USB
    Rechargeable via USB, Headphonies simply plug into your MP3 player, mobile phone or *gasp!* CD. And despite what you’re thinking, they deliver surprisingly impressive audio. Not bad for stubby doodahs that dangle from your keychain and fit in your pocket. They’ve even got little LED ‘hearts’ to indicate when they are on/charged. Bless.

    Nifty keyring

    Makes a nifty keyring

    A one hour charge gives around four hours playtime, so you can blast out countless geektastic tunes whilst contemplating your dinky companion’s future value on eBay. Speaking of which, each edition is limited to 500-1000 pieces. So when they’re gone, they’re gone.

    Currently, there are three designs available (Mad Ape, Pink Bear and a plain black rubberised dude called Soft Touch) but keep ‘em peeled because more Headphonies are on the way. In fact, we strongly suggest you hit the Buy button pronto before the whole world wants designer toys with added noise.

    Soft Touch Skully Star Girl

    Soft Touch


    Star Girl

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