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Headphone Hats

C’mon, wear the noise!

Product not available at the moment.
  • The answer to the music vs warmth dilemma
  • High-quality beanies that feature integrated headphones
  • Listen to your tunes AND keep your head snuggly and warm
  • Ideal for joggers, snowboarders, chilly commuters, exam cheats
We’ve no doubt you’ve seen beanies with built-in headphones before, but most of ‘em are ill-fitting, substandard and totally unstylish, thus rendering them useless – unless you’ve got elongated Spock ears, zero taste and a penchant for sticking tea cosies on your head like a mentalist.

Thankfully Headphone Hats are the real deal: bonce-snuggling beanies with high quality integrated ‘phones. And unlike crummy rivals these ultra-comfy babies actually cover your ears. Keeping your head warm and your earphones in place has never been easier.

Ideal for joggers, snowboarders, hikers, chilly commuters, exam cheats and church-goers keen to keep up with the cricket, Headphone Hats’ internal ‘phones stay flush with your lugholes no matter how much headbanging you do.

Yes, you could always pull a normal beanie over your existing earphones but you’ll never achieve the stealthy look and feel of a Headphone Hat, because these fashionable fellas have special lining and a discreet rear slot to accommodate their velcro-clad ‘phones.

If you’re worried about washing (the hats, not you), worry not: the earphones can be removed from these machine-washable beanies in a trice. Best off all, so long as you’ve got a Headphone Hat on your loaf you’ll never lose your earphones again. Now hat’s what we call music!

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