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  • Headdemock


Hook up, chill out

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    Perfect on a hot summers day!

    No matter how many pineapples we wear on our head, there’s no getting round the fact that we just don’t live in the Caribbean. But that’s not going to stop us from lounging around like we are. And what better way to take a load off than in a hammock?

    Ticking all of our boxes is the Headdemock. Cosy, roomy, colourful and cool, it’s everything you’d expect from the minds behind the Fatboy. Set it up in your garden and you’ll find there’s enough space inside for you and a friend to snuggle up, or for all the kids to pile in. Made from PVC-coated polyester it’s extremely durable, repelling both dirt and water.

    Three colours available:
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    It’s the perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon or a warm summer’s evening, wrapped in a blanket watching the stars. Piña colada highly recommended.

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