Headcase Etch A Sketch Case
  • Headcase Etch A Sketch Case

Headcase Etch A Sketch Case

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    Authentic looks

    Officially licensed case

    For anyone too young to remember the Spiragraph, the Fashion Wheel, Lights Alive and the Magna Doodle, this might come as a shock. But believe it or not, the most incredible toy known to man used to be bright red, had two twiddly knobs and let you draw pictures with only vertical and horizontal lines (or very wobbly diagonal ones). It was called the Etch a Sketch and it was awesome.

    back detail

    Even the back of the case resembles the original Etch A Sketch!

    Well in 2010, this classic toy turned fifty years old. So to celebrate, the manufacturers have officially licensed the brilliant Headcase Etch A Sketch Case for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Made from impact resistant plastic, it’ll protect your modern wundergadget from knocks and bumps; and give you a little nostalgic glow every time you take it out. Sadly, it won’t let you make little uppy-downy doodles on your Apple screen, but we’re sure you app-savvy types can find a way around that!

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