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Haunted Portraits
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Haunted Portraits

Gone, but not forgotte...aargh!

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    Uncle Percy

    Along with creaky doors and flickering lights, no haunted house would be complete without a few creepy family portraits. Which is strange given that most of them just sit there looking about as scary as the Count off Sesame Street.

    Thankfully Haunted Portraits are guaranteed to scare the pants - and quite possibly the vests and socks - off everyone unfortunate enough to clap eyes on 'em. And that's because they transform into vampires, zombies or bloodthirsty maniacs before your very eyes. Eek!

    Haunted Portraits

    Little Ruthie

    At first glance these spooky pics look like antique photos of dearly departed relatives. But clever lenticular (no idea) technology causes each eerie image to miraculously morph into a hideous ghoul as you walk past. A bit like those advertising boards that change depending on the viewing angle.

    There are five Haunted Portraits to collect: Uncle Percy, a dapper chap who becomes a rotting cadaver; Granny Hazel, a stern old biddy who morphs into a decomposing zombie; Grandpa Zachary, a distinguished gent who moonlights as a toothy demon; Aunt Tilly, a hat-wearing lady with a flesh-eating disorder and a thing for cobwebs; and finally Baby Jane, *cue ominous nursery rhymes*, a sweet little girl who’s, erm, dead. Which is nice.

    Haunted Portraits Haunted Portraits Haunted Portraits

    Aunt Tilly

    Baby Jane

    Grandpa Zachary

    Hand-made from quality materials, each 5"x7" Haunted Portrait is genuinely unnerving, even before the ghoul within is revealed. We're talking Nosferatu/Norman Bates' mother/Salem's Lot levels of creepiness here, folks. Indeed, we've got a few hanging in the entrance hall here at Castle Firebox and we've already received umpteen dry cleaning bills from quivering couriers who've soiled their pants in terror.

    Ideal for Halloween shindigs, ghostly gatherings, horror buffs and anyone with a twisted sense of humour, Haunted Portraits will add a putrid touch of flesh-tingling dread to even the jolliest of dwelling. So hurry up and get ordering before we run out of brave souls to staff our stockroom. Aargh!

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