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Hatching Unicorn Candle

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Hatching Unicorn Candle
This is only available at Firebox!
  • Melt down this speckled unicorn egg to reveal a baby unicorn
  • Hatch and nurture your own magical ceramic ornament
  • Multi-coloured rainbow wax melts out from within
  • Actual proof that unicorns reproduce by laying eggs
  • Exclusive to Firebox
"Uuuh but Firebox, unicorns don't lay eggs."

What you've done there is confuse a unicorn with a horse. Totally different creature. Unicorns can lay eggs, heal the sick, fart glitter – all sorts of cool stuff.

Still not convinced? Just light up the Hatching Unicorn Candle and watch in wonder as a baby ceramic unicorn slowly begins to emerge from the melting rainbow-coloured wax.

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