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Harry Potter Foundmi Trackers
  • Harry Potter Foundmi Trackers
  • Harry Potter Foundmi Trackers
  • Harry Potter Foundmi Trackers

Harry Potter Foundmi Trackers

Ready or not, here I come

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  • Bluetooth trackers for attaching to anything you don’t want to lose
  • Hook it up to the foundmi app to instantly find your keys/phone/etc.
  • Plays a pleasant little tone to help you find whatever it is you’ve lost
  • Available in Harry, Ron, and Hermione - wait, that sounds weird
  • Eco-friendly replaceable battery lasts up to 6 months


Have you ever lost something? Of course you have. Well, it’s annoying, so don’t do it again. Or make it less annoying when you do, with one of these little Harry Potter cuties

Slap your foundmi on something (or use the included keyring attachment) and next time you lose it, you can just go to the foundmi app on your phone and tap ‘find’ to locate your missing thing. Simple as! Never lose anything again. Stick foundmis on everything you own.

“But, Firebox,” we hear you say. “How do I trigger the alarm on the app using my phone if I’ve lost my phone?”

Don’t you worry about that, let foundmi worry about that. Simply double click the button on your foundmi and it will make your phone ring, even if it’s on silent! It also doubles up as a nice camera shutter button for the perfect hands-free selfie. Damn, these guys thought of everything!

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2 Reviews

Average 4.5/5 stars
  • "Love this bespectacled little key wizard! He puts the FIND in GryfFINDor!"
    - 15th of January, 2019
  • "Christmas day became a game of hide the findmi” I had to steal it back from my sis in law, who tried to keep it! Best gift!"
    - 3rd of January, 2019