Harley V-Rod

    Harley V-Rod

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      Harley Davidson. For aficionados of classic Americana, those two words are right up there with apple pie, Trans Am and Evel Knievel. And for bike fans nothing else on two wheels looks, sounds, feels or rides like a Harley Davidson. The Harley is the Cadillac of bikes and the radically styled V-Rod represents the next generation of power cruiser from this illustrious brand.

      Unfortunately, owning one of these beautiful iron horses remains a dream for most petrol heads, as this level of luxury and power doesn't come cheap. Of course you could always do a 'Terminator' by visiting your local Hell's Angel chapter and demanding someone's "clothes, boots and motorcycle." But, unless you want to spend the rest of your life with a set of chrome forks embedded in your gums, we wouldn't advise it.

      What we would advise is for you to purchase the gorgeous, officially licensed RC Harley V-Rod. This stunning model motorcycle would be amazing if it were just a display item/collector's piece, but it actually drives around like the real thing! With its working lights, chest-thumpingly meaty sound FX, realistic suspension and full motorcycle function this hefty marvel of miniaturisation looks good enough to ride (if you're about 2ft tall).

      What's more, it drives like a real motorbike, so mastering the V-Rod is no easy task. You control the V-Rod via a suitably chunky transmitter that operates forward movement, steering, braking and sounds. The bike can be started from either a leaning position (on its stand) or by holding the bike with one hand.

      To get your motor runnin' simply charge the V-Rod via its rechargeable 9.6V NiMH battery and insert 6 x AA batteries (included). A 3-4 hour charge will give you 35-45 minutes of juice, so you're looking at more than enough time to head out on the highway. Add to this an impressive 120ft range and you're looking at the best thing to happen to Harley Davidson since Easy Rider was released.

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