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Happy Mais

Make that! And that, and that…

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    The cornstarch-based bits

    Cornstarch-based stuff

    Step aside Play Doh and Plasticine, there’s a new kiddies sculpting material in town and its name is Happy Mais. Non-toxic and totally biodegradable, this incredibly versatile modelling mulch can be moulded into anything you fancy. As the cliché goes, the only limit is your imagination.

    You needn’t worry about sticky fingers and glue because Happy Mais sticks together when moistened. Just dab the colourful bits with the included sponge and you’re away: castles, animals, cartoon characters, puzzles, collages, decorations – the possibilities are endless.

    If moulding’s not your thing, Happy Mais will adhere to paper, cardboard, wood and glass. You can even grate it to create special effects like snow and grass. Best of all, assuming the pieces are intact and have not been stuck on paper, this miraculous cornstarch-based stuff can be used again and again.

    Soaking the Happy Mais bits into a wet sponge Sticking the Happy Mais bits together Sticking the Happy Mais bits together

    Soak the bits into a wet sponge...

    and push together

    sticks to paper too

    Each box contains 14 litres of gloriously squishy Happy Mais in a variety of colours and shapes. Simply slice the sheets or cut and shape the chunks using the included knife. Before you know it you’ll be hooked, and so will the kids, creating…well, anything and everything.

    Some examples of models made using Happy Mais

    Cue the gallery music...

    The ideal plaything for treehuggers who are tired of knitting yoghurt and making turnip toys, Happy Mais is as eco-friendly as it gets. Buying a single box will help protect 56 metres of rainforest via quarterly donations to the Earth Fund Foundation by manufacturer Ecotoys. Like, wow, man!

    If all this doesn’t get you reaching for the Buy button and waving your joss sticks in excitement, we can only assume you grew out of fiddling with engrossing playthings and letting your imagination run riot years ago. Which prompts the question: why are you on this site? C’mon, let’s make a castle with giraffe neck towers and a spotty purple moat!

    Princess Set
    The happy Mais Safari Set

    Make flowers, crowns and frogs!

    Safari Set
    The happy Mais Safari Set

    Make every animal you can think of!

    Monster Set
    The happy Mais Safari Set

    Make some beasties!

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