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Happy Cat Heat Changing Mug

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Happy Cat Heat Changing Mug
Love it as much as we do?
  • Sip from the head of the world’s happiest feline
  • Face goes from joy to utter elation when you add a hot drink
  • Little ears poke up from the mug to express further glee
  • Won’t ever silently plot your demise
Say hello to your new favourite, feline-themed drinking receptacle, the Happy Cat Heat Changing Mug.

Sometimes unfairly judged as an unaffectionate species that sits calming plotting your eventual demise, the Happy Cat Heated Changing Mug is here not only change such perceptions, but to provide you with your favourite hot beverage day in, day out.

Simply pour your hot drink of choice into the mug and watch in wonder and awe as an already-beaming kitty changes its expression to one of utter elation. Meow.

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  • "So cute! Lovely gift :)"
    Kelly - 13th of December, 2017