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Hangover Pack

      Hangover Pack

      Save it for the morning after

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        This particular knick-knack was once only found in the pages of British comics, and was applied either to lump-ridden foreheads or to aching teeth (via the unlucky hero's cheek). Rescued from the obscurity of the panel strip and made flesh, the Hangover Pack is a welcome addition to the hazy world of post-booze care.

        Kept in a desk drawer or bedside table, this could easily displace two Nurofen or the mug of coffee as the initial morning instrument of soothing for a hangover-addled central nervous system. It acts like a miniature hot water bottle - but can be filled with hot, boiling or cold water, or even crushed ice, depending on what your brain is telling you to do. And what could be better, brownie-point wise, to ease the pain in the head of a lady with a headache?

        Unfortunately, the Hangover Pack doesn't offer total redemption from a night's drinking. It won't explain - then clean up - unsavoury trouser stains, nor will it remove the black stuff from under fingernails, but its hot-or-cold head comfort does provide respite from the toxins foolishly thrown down your gullet only a few hours before.

        And there is a second, totally-opposite use for the Hangover Pack. As it's watertight, you can fill it with drink, thus giving you instant and secret access to a shot of the hard stuff when ever its needed.

        A device that can banish or bring on the effects of liquor; the dark and the light in one floppy red bottle-bag. Marvellous.

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