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Hand-Painted Canvas iPhone 5 Cases

Ear comes the sun (flowers)

Product not available at the moment.
  • Easy to grip, lightweight hard shell case
  • Choose from a range of popular Van Gogh or Munch designs
  • Fabric cover really is (partially) hand painted
  • Post-impressionist art will always be on trend. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise
It’s one thing displaying classic works of Vincent Willem Van Gogh or Edvard Munch in your home. The rugged beauty, strong colours and stark, emotional honesty complement most contemporary styles and they might even impress your arty friends.

Now you can take these post-impressionist masterpieces wherever you go with these quality iPhone 5 shell cases. Handmade with a special technique that blends canvas fabric design with oil painting; there are several popular Van Goghs to choose from plus Munch’s iconic ‘The Scream’.

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