Han Solo Vintage 12" Kenner Action Figure
  • Han Solo Vintage 12" Kenner Action Figure

Han Solo Vintage 12" Kenner Action Figure

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    Limited edition figure

    Despite its staggering popularity the original Han Solo action figure looked like the result of a liaison between the two Noels, Fielding and Gallagher. But forget minor details because the bigger (or should that be smaller?) problem was that he was only 3 ¾” tall. So thank goodness Kenner have finally seen sense and created the awesome Han Solo Vintage Kenner Action Figure.

    Modelled on the first ever Han Solo action figure from 1978, this roguishly evocative, limited edition plaything stands a far more satisfying 12” tall and has been made using digital scans of the classic figure. It can’t pull Princess Leia or dish out smarty-pants one-liners but at least it replicates the original figure’s inexplicably Beatle-ish barnet. It even features a handy looking blaster, just like the original.

    It’s not all about the cocky Corellian smuggler though, because Captain Solo’s replica 70s packaging boasts original artwork/photos and a resealable plastic clamshell that allows you to display him in all his swaggering, retro-boxed glory. Now let’s blow this thing and go home!

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