Alternative Christmas Gifts
Alternative Christmas Gifts

Hammered Head Bottle Opener

For Great Whites

Product not available at the moment.
  • Open your alcohol with the jaws and snout of nature's silliest beast
  • He can smell fear (and your horrific beer breath)
  • Chrome-plated and reassuringly weighty
  • Give your beverages a little more bite
We're all pretty aware that the Hammerhead Shark is the maddest looking predator ever to grace the seven seas. Nature's tool. It's as ludicrous as the Narwhal, or "drill-whale" as it should be known.

This reassuringly hefty shark-inspired bottle opener is a celebration of this endearing misshapen beast. No more punching on the snout or ripping mercilessly at the gills – just firmly yank its eyes off to expose its corkscrew spine or lever open a beer with its gormless gaping jaws.

Give your drinks a little more bite and harpoon yourself this polished chrome brute today.


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