Summer Sale 2018
Ham Dogger
  • Ham Dogger

Ham Dogger

The shape of things to come

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  • Turn boring burger meat into a delicious chunky Hot Dog
  • Infinitely tastier and healthier than a mystery meat frankfurter
  • The ultimate BBQ accessory
  • Not to be confused with a sexual deviant from South-West London


While gourmet burger joints are cropping up all over the place, the humble Hot Dog is still stuck in the past. It's up to you to liberate this misunderstood delicacy from its filthy frankfurter roots by harnessing the power of... the Ham Dogger.

This two-piece cylindrical mould transforms 1/4 pound of ground beef (or anything, really) into a gorgeous Hot-Dog-shaped treat. The result is healthier, tastier and infinitely cooler than your average flavourless wiener. You can use fresh mince or just squidge some actual burger patties inside – there's even a ridge on the reverse of the mould that makes it easy to insert fillings like onions, gooey cheese etc.

Remember that summer when the shops only had Hot Dog buns left and your puzzled BBQ guests were forced to eat their burgers out of them? Never again will you have to endure such embarrassment.

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