Halo 3 R/C Warthog
  • Halo 3 R/C Warthog

Halo 3 R/C Warthog

Red or Blue?

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    Close up of the Halo figure

    Master Chief

    As any fan will tell you, the Halo 3 Warthog was always an absolute riot to drive. The uneven landscape, top-heavy cannon and some well placed explosives would often lead to some spectacular and hilarious accidents in this chunky jeep.

    But now this much-loved vehicle has broken free of its virtual world. Take control of this R/C Warthog with Master Chief & Blue Spartan Mark IV aboard and patrol your own little corner of the Universe, defend the garden from the Covenant, or simply declare war on the cat.

    With two poseable figures and a moveable anti-aircraft gun, it’s great for reliving all of your favourite Halo moments.

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