Halloween Morphsuits
  • Halloween Morphsuits

Halloween Morphsuits

I can see your braaaaains

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    Detail of hood design

    Perfect for any halloween party

    Oh dear. Just when we thought Morphsuits couldn’t be any more freaky and wrong, along come Halloween Morphsuits.

    Just like their colourful counterparts, these all-in-one lycra body stockings are not waterproof, won’t keep you warm in freezing conditions, and certainly won’t suck in your lumpy bits. But pop one on for your next Halloween party and it’ll scare the living giblets out of anyone in the room. Or at the very least introduce them to a whole new level of uncomfortable.

    Different designs

    Designs available (from L-R) Skeleton, Mummy, Zombie and Pumpkin

    Choose from Zombie, Pumpkin, Mummy or Skeleton. Zipping up from the back, these goulish costumes are thin enough for you to see and even drink through (straw recommended) without removing the hood. But it will completely hide you smiling face. So you can happily shamble about sizing up people’s fleshy parts and moaning for ‘braaaains’ with complete anonymity.

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