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Half Pint Mug

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    Officially stamped measure

    We all enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee. The thing is, unless we're visiting elderly relatives, not many of us actually use cups anymore. That's because the mug has become the accepted vessel of choice for fans of hot drinks everywhere. And what a selection there is out there: cartoon mugs, rude mugs, funny mugs, musical mugs, colour-changing mugs - the list is endless.

    Indeed, here at Firebox HQ our kitchen cupboard is a veritable mugfest of weird and wonderful chinaware. And yet, despite the vast array, they all pale into insignificance when plonked next to the brilliantly innovative Half Pint Mug.

    cut in half

    Twin-wall design to keep your hands from being burned by hot drinks

    This perfectly formed piece of glazed earthenware is shaped just like a pint glass, making it ideal for those of us who hanker after that 'down the local' vibe, all day, every day. Thankfully, although it's the same shape as a pint glass, the Half Pint Mug doesn't actually hold a pint. (Tea and coffee aren't really beverages that lend themselves to humungous containers). An ingenious twin-wall design means that (in a Tardis-in-reverse kind of way) the mug holds less than it appears to, nearly half a pint. This mug-within-a-mug system helps insulate your drink, thus keeping it warm, Thermos-style. It also means you can hold the mug without burning your mitts. Clever, eh?

    Supping from the Half Pint Mug is strangely satisfying because you feel as if you're down the pub, yet there you stand (well, you can't sit down with a pint in your hand, can you?) drinking tea or coffee. It's a peculiar but highly entertaining paradox that invariably causes the drinker to let out a post pint-style 'ahhhh.'

    We think the Half Pint Mug is ideal for that much needed morning-after-the-night-before cuppa, as it feels reassuringly familiar in a shaky hand. What's more, it's a great surprise gift for colleagues who like a drink or twenty every other night. Just wait until he/she is particularly hung over and hand 'em a 'pint' of special brew (i.e. Earl Grey). Cheers!

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