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Half Pint Glasses
  • Half Pint Glasses

Half Pint Glasses

Down in one…well, two actually

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    good for lager, great for tea!

    Great for hot and cold drinks!

    When it comes to supping drinks you can’t beat the look and feel of a proper pint glass. It’s traditional, innit? But you don’t always fancy an entire pint of lager, let alone lemonade or tea, especially when you’re at home. That’s why you need the Half Pint Glass.

    Ideal for anyone who hankers after that ‘down the local’ vibe, this smart twin-wall glass is the same size as a pint but only holds a half. Think of it as a glass Tardis in reverse. Failing that, think of it as a clever receptacle that can still mix it with the big boys despite its reduced capacity.

    We think this stylish piece of glassware is perfect for that much needed morning-after-the-night-before glass of water, as it feels reassuringly familiar in shaky hands. But why stop at water? The Half Pint’s glass-within-a-glass design insulates drinks Thermos-style, so you can hold it without burning your mitts. Cup of tea? Make mine a half.

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