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HY Mini Wind Turbine
  • HY Mini Wind Turbine

HY Mini Wind Turbine

You are hereby charged…by the wind!

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    How do you utilise wind power to charge your portable gizmos? No, you don't buy a whopping-great Dutch windmill and eat loads of beans. You buy the incredible HY Mini Wind Turbine.

    HY Mini Wind Turbine

    Charges in winds
    from 9 - 40mph!

    This revolutionary little portable charger houses a turbine that generates energy in order to charge its on-board battery. You can then use this take-anywhere stockpile of energy to power-up gadgets, from iPods and mobile phones to digital cameras and PDAs. Simply plug in the HY Mini using one of its interchangeable adapters and watch in awe as your gizmo comes to life via 100% eco-friendly wind power. And if Mother Nature won't play ball you can also charge the HY Mini via the mains.

    Power your mobile devices...

    HY Mini Wind Turbine

    Using the wind!

    Charging rates are based on an uninterrupted 19mph wind tunnel test for a 20 minute period

    HY Mini Wind Turbine

    Attach to your bike!

    If you live in a blustery area you're laughing. But the HY Mini only requires a piddly wind speed of 9mph, so the best idea is to attach it to your bicycle handlebars and let the wind do its thing. Yes, we suppose you could roller skate along with it glued to your forehead but that would be silly. And before you ask, blowing on it doesn't work. Neither does…well, you know.

    Connections and controls:

    HY Mini Wind Turbine

    HY Mini Wind Turbine

    Charges your phone and
    many other devices

    The power stored in the HY Mini increases exponentially as the wind speed rises but don't bother dangling it out of your speeding 4x4 because the turbine cuts out at 40mph. Which is just as well because dangling it out of a 4x4 kind of defeats the object.

    HY Mini Wind Turbine

    Charge via USB

    To give you an idea of its impressive capabilities, a 20 minute charge (at 19mph wind speed) should give 30 minutes playing time on an iPod, 4 minutes talk time on a mobile, or 20 snaps on a digital camera. It really is ideal for emergency top ups when you're out and about. Al Gore's got one on his shopping bike. Maybe.

    HY Mini Wind Turbine

    Take it anywhere!

    With its gorgeously curvaceous weatherproof casing, the HY Mini is as sleek as it is practical. Chuck the whole eco-friendly angle into the mix and you're looking at a take-anywhere charger that's gust amazing!

    Connectors and adaptors:
    HY Mini Wind Turbine

    1) Sony Ericsson connector 2) Samsung connector 3) Motorola connector 4) LG connector 5) Nokia connector 6) USB Transfer cable 7) AC/DC power adaptor

    Bike Kit (not included):
    HY Mini Wind Turbine:Bike Kit

    1) Rubber pads 2) Holder clip 3) Bike bracket

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