HUSH Video Baby Monitor
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HUSH Video Baby Monitor

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    You can’t keep an eye on your baby 24 hours a day. But the HUSH Video Baby Monitor will ably step in while you grab some precious sleep. Capturing both audio and video, this advanced two-way system will alert you if your baby stirs in the night and send a constant video feed to your bedside.

    Not only does the baby unit detect sounds, but it also has a handy infra red camera to monitor your baby in the dark, an LED night light for when you pay them a visit, and an ingenious talkback function. So not only can you hear your baby if they wake, you can talk to them from several rooms away, soothing them back to sleep or activating one of five pre-programmed lullabies.

    The 100% secure connection has a range of up to 50m indoors – or 300m if you’re out in the garden – so you can carry the parent unit all around the house. Mount the baby unit on a wall or attach it to your baby’s crib. The camera itself has a swivel head so that you can capture the perfect shot of your sleeping baby. Perfect for giving you peace of mind while you grab the sleep you need.

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