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HUSH Advanced Baby Monitor
  • HUSH Advanced Baby Monitor

HUSH Advanced Baby Monitor

Keep tabs on your tots

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    Keep tabs on your baby from up to 50m away (300m if you’re outdoors) with the HUSH Advanced Baby Monitor. One of the most high tech tot-watchers on the market, this clever two-way communicator will monitor your sleeping baby (and even the temperature of the room) while you grab some much needed rest. All of the data is fed to the digital display on your parent unit, which you can clip to your belt or rest in its charging cradle by the bed. When your baby wakes up, the monitor will let you know either with an alarm or vibrate function. That’s when things get really clever.

    The talkback function on the Advanced Baby Monitor lets you talk to your baby from anywhere in the house, soothing them back to sleep, reassuring them with your voice, or even remotely playing one of 5 polyphonic lullabies.

    But nothing can replace actual human contact when it comes to sending them back to sleep. When you do pay them a visit, the baby unit has a built-in nightlight so you won’t need to dazzle them with the main room light.

    With all these functions it’s the closest you can get to having your baby in the same room all the time. It’s the ideal way to put your mind at ease and let you get on with being a grown-up again.

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