HORI Tactical Assault Commander 3 for PS3
  • HORI Tactical Assault Commander 3 for PS3

HORI Tactical Assault Commander 3 for PS3

PC-ify your PS3

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    PS3 mouse

    A mouse for your PS3?

    Playing any game on your PS3 relies on two things; both of which are your thumbs. But what if your humble digits aren’t up to the task? Not everyone can tweak a thumbstick with the precision of a keyhole surgeon. And the poor things haven’t evolved to endure the hours of omnidirectional abuse many games demand – they like gripping things, flipping coins and hitching lifts.

    PS3 keyboard

    All the keys you need for FPS games

    So if your chubby nik-naks are struggling to adapt to a gaming controller, or if you’re just looking for a more customisable solution, plug in the HORI Tactical Assault Commander 3 for PS3. This snappily titled set works just like the controls for your PC games. Set your own sensitivity preferences on both the keyboard and mouse and you can even flick between presets in-game. Handy, if you need to go from machine gun strafing to precision sniping in an instant.

    With all these features bundled inside a suitably menacing urban camo cover, the TAC3 gets our thumbs up every time. It's the ultimate weapon for FPS gaming on the PS3.

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