H2O Surge Sportwrap Headphones
  • H2O Surge Sportwrap Headphones

H2O Surge Sportwrap Headphones

Let the sounds wash over you

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    Designed to fit snuggly around your head

    We listen to our favourite music in the gym, so why not in the pool as well? Good question. Thanks to some bafflingly clever technology, the H2O Surge Sportwrap Headphones are completely waterproof! Even as deep as 12ft underwater these advanced earbuds will play pitch-perfect sound. And naturally, this means they’re sweatproof as well. So no matter how much of the stuff is pouring off you after a run (or marathon gym session), just rinse them under the tap and they’re good as new!


    With five different earbud sizes you are bound to find the right fit for you


    Swim to the beat

    The flexible neckband sits comfortably against your head. And because the earbuds aren’t fixed in place, they allow for plenty of movement without falling out of your ears. Now all you have to worry about is keeping your media player dry...

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