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H2Go Racer
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H2Go Racer

Just add water

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    H2Go Racer

    Fill up the charging station with water...

    Car freaks are frequently referred to as petrolheads. But not for long. Especially if the technology utilised by the jaw-dropping H2Go Racer becomes commonplace. Granted, 'hydrogenhead' isn't quite as snappy, but at least you won't get lumped in with the gas-guzzling Clarkson brigade.

    H2Go Racer

    ... and reap the hydrogen!

    Already causing battery manufacturers to wet their pants with terror, this groundbreaking R/C car is powered by 100% hydrogen. Simply fill its charging station with water and gape in planet-hugging awe as the gas is extracted. Next, attach the charging station to the car and depress the plunger to fill the onboard fuel cell with hydrogen. The car then uses electrolysis to convert the gas into power. It's amazing. One egg cup of water will power the car for a week.
    H2Go Racer

    It's the future!

    H2Go Racer

    Handheld transmitter

    Unlike early hydrogen-powered R/C cars, the H2Go Racer is a zippy, fully manoeuvrable vehicle with serious oomph. You control the action via a sleek handheld transmitter: forwards, backwards, left and right. There's even a power boosting turbo button.

    Designed by Professor Luigi Colani (a legend in futuristic biodynamic design) this hyper contemporary green machine will whizz around for about five minutes per charge, but the charging station continues extracting, so all you have to do is plug in and you're off again in seconds. It's a bit like an F1 pitstop without the constant risk of getting your foot flattened.

    The H2Go's hydrogen extractor is powered by mains electricity but for real eco-nuts there's a deluxe solar-powered version. Buy one of these babies and you really will go to eco heaven, a green paradise inhabited by hemp-clad luminaries such as Bono, Chris Martin, Al Gore...erm, well, it's your decision. The point is, the solar H2Go only requires sunshine and water, so it's every gizmo-loving eco-warrior's fantasy vehicle. Next stop, the real thing. Vroom!

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