Gyro Stealth Flyer R/C Helicopter
  • Gyro Stealth Flyer R/C Helicopter

Gyro Stealth Flyer R/C Helicopter

Give ‘em both barrels

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    Loading up missiles

    Load up!

    Menace your work colleagues or declare war on the cat – the Gyro Stealth Flyer not only flies like a dream, but it also has twin missile launchers! Thanks to its advanced built-in gyroscopic stabiliser, this is one of the easiest RC helicopters to fly. With its simple controls and rugged construction you’ll be pulling off tight turns and textbook landings in no time.

    The 3-channel system lets you go head to head with two other helicopters for the ultimate aerial dogfight. If you don’t have two other helicopters to take on though, don’t despair. The kit comes with two cardboard targets shaped liked tanks – ideal for practicing your aim, before going off to war. We recommend coming in low, out of the rising sun.

    Charging via remote remote control cardboard targets

    Charge via the remote

    IR remote control

    Cardboard targets

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