Gyro Flyer R/C Helicopter
  • Gyro Flyer R/C Helicopter

Gyro Flyer R/C Helicopter

Take to the skies

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    Holding the Gyro Flyer

    Start the chopper up!

    Yes, we realise most R/C helicopters are not that easy to fly. Here at Firebox even the most accomplished pilots have come a cropper, smashing headfirst into our Airwolf shrine, lopping off the boss’s top hat and plummeting into piles of discarded choppers that have been stamped upon in fits of frustration.

    But all that is about to change thanks to the ridiculously easy-to-fly Gyro Flyer. Unlike flimsy polystyrene rivals, this revolutionary 3-channel R/C chopper boasts a sturdy metal body and advanced gyroscope, giving it staggering in-flight stability. It’s unlike anything else in the skies. Even a complete novice will be buzzing around with the greatest of ease after just a few minutes. Forget all that wild lurching, this is ultra steady and super manoeuvrable straight out the box.

    Gyro Flyer Challenge video

    Watch our awesome 'Gyro Flyer Challenge' video!

    The Gyro Flyer is also the first R/C whirlybird capable of landing wherever you fancy. Yeah, yeah, we know some of you veteran heli-pervs can already pull off pinpoint manoeuvres. But with this baby you can land on the bloke opposite’s mousemat without knocking tea all over his iPhone. Unless you want to. Don’t you just love being in control?

    Controlling the Gyro Flyer...

    Advanced Gyroscope on the Gyro Flyer Remote control for the Gyro Flyer Move the Gyro Flyer forwards/backwards/up/down

    The advanced gyroscope gives it staggering stability

    3 channel control

    Move it forwards/backwards/up/down with ease!

    Speaking of which, the Gyro Flyer is controlled via a smart twin-toggle transmitter that doubles up as charging unit. Simply plug in for 20 minutes for 6-8 minutes of easily controlled flying action.

    Charging via the remote  The Gyro Flyers Metal body LED light on the Gyro Flyer

    Charge via the remote

    Sturdy metal body

    LED light

    Holding the Gyro Flyer
    Needless to say, with 3 channels this ludicrously entertaining plaything does all the up/down/left/right/forwards/backwards business you’d expect. But it does it with such simpleton-friendly panache you’ll look like a pro in no time. So woka-woka are you waiting for? Hurry up and touch down on that Buy button. Piloting a helicopter just got a whole lot easier!

    Don't Forget
    Spare Gyro Flyer R/C Helicopter rotors are available for £6.99.

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