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Gyro Flyer Apache R/C Helicopter
  • Gyro Flyer Apache R/C Helicopter

Gyro Flyer Apache R/C Helicopter

Dum-dum da-dum daaaaah daaaaah...

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    Flashing lights

    ooh... flashing lights!

    Traditionally, RC helicopters have been tricky little monkeys to control. No matter how many pairs of aviators we wore, the darn things just refused to fly where we wanted them to.

    Thankfully there’s still hope for our two left thumbs, in the form of the stylish Gyro Flyer Apache R/C Helicopter. With its high-tech internal gyro system providing constant stability, the 3-channel controls let you pull off the trickiest of manoeuvres from as far as 10 metres away.

    The chopper body is made from high density plastic, making it resistant to the odd crash landing and the rugged gunship styling will turn any dull desktop into a combat zone. It’s time to buzz the boss...

    Charge via Remote or USB Holding the Remote Control Fly the helicopter with ease

    Charge via remote or USB

    IR Remote Control

    Move it forwards/backwards/up/down with ease!

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