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Guzzle Buddy

Can hold your drink

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Sh*t Hot right now
  • Turn your bottle of wine into your wine glass
  • Gently aerates your wine as you guzzle/sip/quaff
  • Made from resilient borosilicate glass
  • Drink directly from the bottle without judgement
  • The original sipping sensation that has taken the internet by storm


Like it or not, drinking straight out of a wine bottle just isn't socially acceptable. You need the Guzzle Buddy.

This sipping sensation turns your wine bottle into your wine glass – just screw it into the top and start quaffing.

It's made from resilient borosilicate glass so, unlike a lot of extra large wine glasses, it can survive a few bumps in your bag – ideal for picnics and BBQs.

Whilst the Guzzle Buddy strips away much of the needless wine snobbery, it also gently aerates your wine as it moves into the glass to enhance the aroma and flavour – it's a beautiful, boozy juxtaposition.

Once you've tried it for yourself you'll understand how natural and right it feels. In the wise words of the makers themselves – Pouring is Boring™.

...they also say "plug it n' chug it" which has a nice ring to it.

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