Gun Cylinder Pen Holder
  • Gun Cylinder Pen Holder

Gun Cylinder Pen Holder

Quick on the draw

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Sh*t Hot right now
  • Holster your writing weaponry in this high calibre desk accessory
  • Features six spacious chambers so choose your ammunition carefully
  • Made from a hefty chunk of aluminium, it's basically bullet-proof
  • Extracted from an oversized handgun (probably)
  • Play writing implement roulette!


You're an uncompromising writer. The Dirty Harry of the office. A veritable word slinger, fiercely scrawling out literature like bullets spraying from a gun. You write first, ask questions later.

So you need to make sure that you holster your writing weaponry inside a high calibre desk accessory – the Gun Cylinder Pen Holder. It's cast from a single hefty chunk of aluminium, most probably acquired from a strange race of violent oversized humans who brandish freakishly large handguns. Either way it's practically bullet-proof.

Choose your ammunition carefully and keep the chambers fully-loaded and well-polished; ready for you to indulge in exciting games of writing implement roulette!

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