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Gummi Tongues
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Gummi Tongues

Tasty buds

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    Three flavours

    Sour Apple, Blue Raspberry & Cherry

    It’s actually a legal requirement that every time you find two sticks of the same size, you have to hold them on your head like antennae. And if you ever have two round objects in your hands at the same time, you have to hold them up to your face like googly eyes. And finally, if you ever find yourself with a large, thin bit of material you have to hold it to your mouth like a big floppy tongue. We’ve abided by these laws for years.

    But now we’ve found a way to make life a little easier. Pop one of these Gummi Tongues in your mouth and it’ll look just like an oversized comedy tongue. Alright, maybe not exactly... but with a bit of imagination it’s quite convincing. And it tastes a lot better than the carpet tiles, raw steaks or shoe liners we usually use for the same effect.

    The cheeky treats come in three styles: Sour Apple Witch’s Tongue, Blue Raspberry Viper's Tongue and Cherry Joker's Tongue. Choose your favourite shape, pop it in your mush and chase your friends and family around the house. Handy grooves at the back of the tongue let you grip it with your teeth so it won’t accidentally flop out while you’re jogging. Now if we could just find some strap-on sticks and dinner-plate goggles we’d have the complete kit.
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