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Gumball Machine

    Gumball Machine

    Classic vintage Americana

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      With our delightful Gumball Machine you'll be able to chomp on jaw-exhausting gumballs at any time of the day without having to cross the pond. Ideal for the home or office this sturdy slice of vintage Americana looks just like something Willy Wonka might have had sitting around his factory. In fact, at a space-saving 11" tall, even an Oompa Loompa could reach the coin slot, turn the handle and enjoy some gum.

      Fun for all ages, this enchanting classic features an elegant glass globe that holds up to 24oz of gumballs and has a body made from tough cast aluminium. As far as finish goes, well, as Henry Ford (nearly) said, 'You can have it any colour as long as it's red.' And let's be honest, a gumball machine in anything other than red just wouldn't cut the liquorice! This isn't one of your cheap and nasty plastic imitators either. It has a 10-year warranty and feels extremely robust. So if sweetshop-chic is what jollies your lollies, this Gumball Machine will also make a rather attractive and unusual ornament.

      As well as gumballs, you can also fill this up with Jelly Bellies, Skittles, Smarties or any other similarly sized confectionary. It really is the sweetest little tabletop curio we've seen in ages. This fabulous knick knack really will make you feel like a kid in a candy store... chew on that, by gum!

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