Guitar Hero: Air Guitar Rocker
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Guitar Hero: Air Guitar Rocker

No talent required

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    Guitar Hero: Air Guitar Rocker

    Starter Pack B

    Playing rock guitar requires skill, dexterity, good hair (or a bad wig) and eye-wateringly tight trousers. Fulfilling the latter two criteria is simple. It's all this skill and dexterity business that's a pain in the axe. Thankfully the ridiculous-even-by-metal-standards Guitar Hero: Air Guitar Rocker is here to help.

    Proving there really is a fine line between stupid and clever, this brilliantly idiotic gizmo will transform mild-mannered wannabes into riff-spewing guitar gods. How? It's easier than poking out your tongue and doing that devil's horn finger thing. Simply strum the special pick in front of this demonic-looking electronic belt buckle and a classic rock riff magically blasts out of the wearable mini amp. Guitars? Who needs 'em!

    Guitar Hero: Air Guitar Rocker

    Plug one end of the lead to your buckle

    Plug the other end into the mini amp

    Switch the amp on

    Guitar Hero: Air Guitar Rocker

    Choose your track and crank up the volume

    Strum the pick over buckle to start jammin!

    Guitar Hero: Air Guitar Rocker

    The pick

    The manner in which you wave your pick determines the tempo of the riff, so there is a fair amount of skill involved. Sort of. Users are encouraged to listen to the demo tracks, and then attempt to master the riffs on their own. And what about those riffs?

    Guitar Hero: Air Guitar Rocker

    Air Cartridge™

    Well, for those about to rock we salute you because you'll be playing some of the greatest plank spankers ever written. The included Air Cartridge™ contains five licensed riffs including Smoke on the Water, Ace of Spades, Iron Man, More Than a Feeling and You Really Got Me. There are also five freestyle riffs. Better still, there are additional interchangeable Air Cartridges™, containing even more riffs, on the way. Kerrang!

    Guitar Hero: Air Guitar Rocker

    'My advice would be: if you want to pursue a career in the music business, don't!'

    Fully-licensed by the Guitar Hero gang, this dumb slice of fun is destined to become a must-have accessory for pretend rock stars everywhere. You can even crank things up to eleven by connecting to a bigger amp or mollify the neighbours by plugging in headphones. Yes, there's no guitar involved and yes, you'll look utterly preposterous. But who cares when you're knocking out Ace of Spades after just a few goes. It's a long way to the top if you wanna rock 'n' roll, but the Guitar Hero: Air Guitar Rocker slashes the journey in half. Let's rock!

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