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Guess Who Extra
  • Guess Who Extra

Guess Who Extra

Has he got a big nose?

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    Anyone who was ever a child will remember spending hours playing Guess Who. This classic game of elimination and piercing questions (is it Bernard?) kept us entertained for countless rainy afternoons. So when we heard about Guess Who Extra we just had to take a look.

    Thankfully, the flappy panels are still there. As is the classic format of asking yes and no questions to identify your opponent’s character. But this next generation Who features four different ways to play; and over 140 different mystery faces. What’s more, there’s all sorts of electronic wizardry to raise the tension; from Yes and No lights, sound effects and even a timer. As if being pouted at by Maria wasn’t distracting enough...

    Face cards Close up of doors Yes and No lights

    Choose a set of faces to play with

    Classic doors

    Yes and No lights

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