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GruPaul Chia Planter
  • GruPaul Chia Planter
  • GruPaul Chia Planter

GruPaul Chia Planter

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GruPaul Chia Planter
Every Friday we bring one of our mad ideas "to life".

You can't actually buy the GruPaul Chia Planter (yet!), but shout loud enough on our social channels and we'll seriously consider making it.

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  • Ladies and gentlemen, get your gardening gloves
  • 100% unofficial RuPaul chia pet
  • Where else can you get a terracotta bust of our lord and saviour?
  • Turn that bald head into a blossoming afro garden


Sisters, we have a problem. RuPaul had a look at our products and his wig got SNATCHED. And now he’s bald. Look at that smooth head. How is he meant to put the bass in his walk with a head like that?

Something must be done. Fill his sickeningly flawless terracotta bust with chia seeds and within 2 weeks, he’ll have a fabulous, styleable afro. Make sure you don’t leave him in the shady shade or he’ll get offended. his mane won’t flow like he deserves.

Good luck, and don’t fuck it up. Seriously. You only get one packet of chia seeds in this thing.

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