Alternative Christmas Gifts
Alternative Christmas Gifts

Grow Your Own Giant Redwood Tree

Tremendously tall timber

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  • Think of it as a really, really long-range plan for a tree house.
  • Everything you need to grow your own giant redwood
  • Use it as a garage for your truck, a flat for your nan
  • Will teach you the virtues of patience
  • Slightly shorter than Big Ben
Known as the Sequoiadendron Giganteum to scientists and ancient Latin scholars, to your average tree-fan it’s simply called the Giant Redwood. The world’s largest tree (by volume).

Each kit contains a germination seed-cup, plastic ‘incubation’ bag, instructions and a selection of seeds. Everything you need to get your giant garden growing… everything but sunlight, water, nutrient rich soil, patience and a whole lot of space.

Growing to a record height of almost 95 metres and over 17 metres in diameter you know we’re talking about some tremendously tall timber.
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