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Grow Your Own Craft Beer

From sprout to stout

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Grow Your Own Craft Beer
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  • Everything you need to grow your own gorgeous Hop Plant
  • Comes in a biodegradable Ecocube Planter
  • Ecocube pot naturally decomposes and turns into fertiliser
  • Barley, Yeast and patience sold separately
  • Created by Firebox
Do you like the idea of brewing your own craft beer, but want the extra challenge that is missing from those ready to make kits that are readily available? Then Grow Your Own Craft Beer is for you.

Each kit consists of a wooden Ecocube planter, organic fertiliser, instructions and a selection of seeds. Everything you need to get your hop plant growing ...everything but sunlight, water and a zen-like patience.

After 6 months of growth, you can just place the entire Ecocube into a plot of soil/flower bed – the cube will naturally decompose and turn into scrumptious fertiliser for your hop plant.

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