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Grow Your Own Chicken
  • Grow Your Own Chicken
  • Grow Your Own Chicken
  • Grow Your Own Chicken

Grow Your Own Chicken

Clucking Incredible

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  • Everything you need to grow a chicken in your own home
  • Contains simple step-by-step chicken recipes instructions
  • Uses ground-breaking Incubation Foil™ technology
  • Hatches in just 23 days!


Which came first – the chicken or the egg? Obviously the egg. Which was presumably laid by a chicken. Hmm.

At some point in our existence we stop asking such futile questions and become overwhelmed with the urge to bring a new life into this strange old world, to nurture and eat love something of our very own. Well, now you can Grow Your Own Chicken in the comfort of your home.

This revolutionary kit contains one small sheet of Incubation Foil™ and a fertilised egg. Just pop the foil-wrapped egg on a sunny window sill or tape it to the underside of a dog or cat, then sit back and wait. Simple.

After 23 days your egg will hatch. If it doesn't, then something has probably gone horribly wrong. Remember that tinkering with nature and playing god is a silly business and that we do not accept refunds.

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