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Grow Weird Plants

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    We’ve seen all sorts of kit over the years for growing plants, herbs and vegetables. But Grow Weird Plants takes this green-fingered business one step further. With this unique set you can now grow – from seed – a touch-sensitive variety of mimosa, a prickly scorpion-tail and even a square tomato!

    Ideal for any budding horticulturalist, this kit will bring something truly unique to any greenhouse or window box. Follow the step-by-step guide and you’ll have shoots appearing in no time. The colour instructions even suggest a few experiments that you can set up, to explain all sorts of natural phenomena.

    Sow two of these species indoors at any time of the year, or set them going when the time is right. They're a refreshing change from your usual indoor plants and are a great way to learn about the natural world. And slices of square tomato will be sure to amaze your dinner guests.

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