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    As seen on... This Morning If you fancy growing your own weird and wonderful plants (no nudging at the back) but can't be bothered messing about in the garden, Grow Its are ideal. These nifty little themed sets contain everything you need to cultivate a unique plant from seed to fully grown green doodah. Choose from Chilli, Tea and Coffee, Carnivorous Plants, Herb Garden, Vegetable Patch or Salad Leaves.

    Grow It

    Grow your own herbs!

    Even if you've never planted a seed in your entire life we guarantee you'll become fascinated by your little living thingy as it flourishes and slowly spouts skywards. Each set comes with plenty of seeds, so if at first you don't succeed you can try, try again. And if that doesn't work you can read 'em a bit of poetry or hum a few Leonard Cohen numbers. Or something like that.

    Grow It

    Place compost disc into the pot

    Press the seeds into the compost disc

    Add a little bit of water

    Grow It

    A Venus Fly Trap plant

    Simply pop one of the compost discs in the pot (both made from natural coconut husk), sprinkle on the seeds and Titchmarsh's your uncle. The special discs expand when watered so you won't even have to get your hands mucky. And all you tree-huggers will be pleased to know that the pots are biodegradable, so they can be planted into bigger pots without creating waste.

    Grow It


    Just think, with a few Grow Its on the sill wannabe gardeners of all ages can see exactly how some of nature's strangest creations come to life. Whether it's tea, flytrap, jalapeño or tepin (the world's hottest chilli), you'll be unable to resist checking your plant's progress each and every day.

    Of course we don't expect you to make a complete Monty Don out of yourself overnight. That's why each set contains simple and clear instructions plus a few intriguing nuggets about the plants themselves.

    This whole seed sowing business really is a wonderful thing. But don't take our word for it, order some Grow Its and get back to nature.

    Grow It

    Carnivorous Plants

    Chilli Plants

    Tea & Coffee

    Grow It

    Salad Leaves

    Vegetable Patch

    Herb Garden

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