GrooveNeo iPod Alarm Clock/Radio
  • GrooveNeo iPod Alarm Clock/Radio

GrooveNeo iPod Alarm Clock/Radio

Sleek block that’s a dock and a clock

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    Remember when waking up involved rolling over, squinting at the big red digits on your clock/radio and putting the breakfast show on snooze? Well now you can do it all over again with the GrooveNeo iPod Alarm Clock/Radio.

    With its jumbo LED display, integrated AM/FM radio and curvaceous styling, the GrooveNeo is reassuringly clock/radio-esque. The difference is this smart gizmo packs powerful 2.75” full-range stereo speakers and an iPod/iPhone dock. So as well as charging your player as you sleep, it wakes you up to whatever playlist you fancy. Chris Evans? Nah, let’s have a bit of Wolfmother.


    Loud and bright

    If you fancy a trip back to the last century, this sleek waker-upper can shake you out of boboland with a highly evocative buzzer. Urgh, is that the time? You can also dim its enormous display if you’re feeling fragile after OD-ing on AC/DC the night before.

    Unlike traditional clock/radios, the GrooveNeo features touch-sensitive buttons, plus a swish remote control so you can operate it from across the room as you pull your pants up and down in time to the beat. Or is that just us?


    Get connected

    Speaking of pants, all of the above would be pretty superfluous if the GrooveNeo sounded like your old clock radio. Thankfully its bombastic real-time bass response helps create impressive sonic fireworks, even on a dark Monday morning. Who knows, it could even make the Chris Moyles Show sound vaguely tolerable. Assuming he’s off sick.

    Whether you’re waking up to podcasts, nodding off to playlists or prancing around in your jimjams as Nicky Campbell discusses the price of cabbage, the NeoGroove is set to become the best thing you’ll ever sleep next to.

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