Groove Tube
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Groove Tube

It’s this way, I can feel it!

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    Yellow is the 'easier' version!

    Puzzle games? Pah! We can do ‘em with our eyes closed. And if you’re the same, you’ll like the Groove Tube just as much as we do. This simple looking cylinder is actually the outer wall to a bamboozling labyrinth inside. It’s your job to find your way from one side of the Groove Tube to the other. But here’s the tricky part – you can’t see where you’re going!

    Not so cocky now, are you. Oh you are? Ok then, well put your sense of direction and powers of deduction to the test. Only by touch and memory will you be able to work your way through this seemingly-impossible maze. There are different routes, depending on your skill level. We recommend the yellow first, but if you’re really confident go straight for the orange. See you on the other side!

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