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Biodegradable box of blooms

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    White Christmas

    If you enjoy messing about in the garden you’ll know that growing flowers and veg is not always as easy as green-fingered TV gurus make out. Dodgy soil, lack of drainage, ground frost, bad spacing; it’s enough to make you want to crack out the cement mixer. But hold fire because Grobox is here to help.

    Even if the only thing you’ve ever buried in a cardboard box is Tiddles the cat, prepare to be pleasantly surprised because Grobox makes cultivating flowers and veg easier than digging a hole. Yes, really! Simply plant the entire bulb-laden shebang – biodegradable box and all – get busy with the watering can, and before you know it your borders or tubs will be blooming.


    Herb Garden

    Each Grobox contains carefully selected plants that flower in arrangements designed by horticulturist Jayne Lawton. No, we haven’t heard of her either but the gorgeous results speak for themselves. The plants are even hand-spaced in each box according to their individual growing requirements.

    Treehuggers will be welly deep in joy because the box itself is made from recycled cardboard and acts as an insulator, protecting plants from prolonged cold, ground frosts and pests (such as the aforementioned cat). It also releases special nutrients as it degrades, increasing the fertility of surrounding soil, so you can plant your Grobox virtually anywhere in the garden.


    Winter Veg

    There are three different Groboxes to choose from: Herb Garden. Winter Vegetables and White Christmas. Mmm…carrot soup. It’s enough to make you wanna stick your nose in the latest Alan Titchmarsh novel. Or not.

    If all this talk of gardening has got you reaching for your wellies in anticipation, it’s worth remembering that Groboxes make fantastic gifts for anyone who loves gardening but hates hard work – and that means almost everyone. You dig?

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