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Holy chargrill, a utility belt for barbecue buffs!

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    Grillslinger Sport

    The Original Grillslinger

    Let's face it, utility belts are cool. Just ask Batman. Or Handy Andy. Or anyone else who likes having their favourite implements to hand. Indeed, looking at the incredibly practical but ever-so-slightly silly Grillslinger, it's hard to believe it has taken boffins this long to create a utility belt for barbecue buffs.

    This expertly designed twist on the classic builder's belt is ideal for all you fans of al fresco cooking because it accommodates chunky barbecue utensils in its removable lock-and-load inserts. There's even an insulated drinks holder so you can sip a cold one as you're flipping your burgers. Perfect for summer soirées, you'll wonder how you ever managed without it.

    Grillslinger Sport

    The Original Grillslinger comes with tongs, spatula and a big meat knife

    Fully adjustable to fit supermodels and salad dodgers alike, the Grillslinger comes complete with a quality spatula capable of flipping even the mightiest of burgers and hefty tongs to grab hold of that big ol' bratwurst. Both utensils are made from stainless steel and feature easy-grip rubber handles so you won't fumble bangers into the gaping jaws of impressed guests - not that that's such a bad thing anyway.

    Grillslinger Sport

    Hefty tongs and Spatula

    With a Grillslinger around your waist barbecuing becomes a doddle - no more misplaced utensils, cool drink by your side and no more stained surfaces because greasy implements stay put in the dishwasher-safe plastic inserts.

    Best of all, because it resembles a holster you can pretend you're a Wild West hero fighting for peace, justice and perfectly cooked bangers. You can even give yourself a suitably stupid nickname: Barbecue Bill, Jesse Flames, Wyatt Burp, Butcher Cassidy and the Bundance Kid, the possibilities are truly, er, limited. So c'mon and get ordering pardner. This here grill ain't big enough for both of us!

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