Grilliput & Firebowl
  • Grilliput & Firebowl

Grilliput & Firebowl

A triumph of titchy design

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    Pop it in your backpack!

    Most barbecue grills are about as portable as Stonehenge. Not so the staggeringly compact Grilliput. This amazingly portable camping grill is so small you can shove it in your rucksack or even bung it in your back pocket. No, really!


    Assembled Grilliput

    Despite its slightly gimmicky name there's nothing tricksy about the Grilliput. At only 29cm long and 2.2cm wide you can store it virtually anywhere, and when hunger strikes open it up into a 23x26cm barbecue. It's like the Tardis in the form of a high quality stainless steel grill. Sort of.


    Packs away neatly!

    Once opened and assembled (easier than sticking a fork in a banger) the Grilliput's generous grill rack supports a gut-busting 560g of nosh. Take one of those cumbersome wok-on-a-tripod things camping? Not us. Indeed the Grilliput is ideal for all your outdoors-types who like travelling light.

    Despite its vast grilling area, this entire shebang slots into a slim screw-top carrier tube. The Grilliput even features a cleaning groove, so you can scrape off the grill before you dismantle it and pack it away. Brilliant!


    Collapsed Grilliput

    Even if you're not into the whole camping/hiking/festival thing, the Grilliput represents a sound investment as it makes a perfect home barbecue - especially if you've got a small garden/terrace, or can't be bothered sullying your view with an unsightly rusting behemoth. Simply pop it in the kitchen drawer and crack it out when the sun decides to shine.

    If you're concerned about containing a fire using the hearth-less Grilliput, don't be. The equally portable Firebowl is a collapsible stainless steel hearth that enables you to light a fire anywhere without scorching the earth. And thanks to its adjustable fins, the heat can be directly aimed at your favourite sausage.

    Firebowl closed / Firebowl Open

    Buy the Grilliput alone and you can cook up a storm wherever you may roam. Add a Firebowl and you're looking at the finest campsite double act since Kenneth Williams met Hattie Jacques. MmmÂ…sausages!

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