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Griffin Slap Nano Wristband
  • Griffin Slap Nano Wristband

Griffin Slap Nano Wristband

Slap and the watch is on!

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    The slap strap wrapped round

    Slap style strap

    Remember those slap-on bracelets that were all the rage a few years ago? Course you do ‘cos they were as entertaining as they were useless. So trust those boffins at Griffin to finally find a practical use for them with the Griffin Slap nano Wristband.

    As you can see, this flexible ‘memory-metal’ wristband has been designed to accommodate an iPod nano, so you can wear it like a wristwatch. Simply whap the seemingly rigid silicone band on your arm and gasp in amazement as it slaps shut around your wrist, self adjusting to fit perfectly.

    iPod Nano inside the Griffin Nano Watch Strap

    iPod Nano fits snug
    into the watch strap

    A stylish frame holds your beloved gizmo securely in place, shrugging off bumps and jolts whilst still allowing you to plug in your headphones and control iTunes. Select the watch face display on your nano and onlookers will assume you’re wearing a particularly funky watch – until you start twiddling with all that eye-popping Beyonce album artwork. Ooh, slap me!

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