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Griffin Crayola Trace 'n' Draw

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    Girl tracing an elephant

    Hi-tech tracing!

    Technology is moving so quickly these days, but it doesn’t faze kids a bit. They’ve grown up with words like 'WiFi', 'touch-screen', 'rickrolling' and of course 'iPad'. So why not indulge their tech-cravings while nurturing their creative side at the same time? The Griffin Crayola Trace 'n' Draw turns your iPad 2 into the most advanced tracing pad in the world!

    Just fit the colourful polycarbonate case around your Apple tablet and load up Griffin’s Crayola Trace & Draw app. The easy-to-use software features all sorts of fun animations and activities and over 35 different pictures to trace. That’s right, trace! With an actual marker pen. Remember them?

    Side view

    Colourful polycarbonate case

    But before you dive to protect your precious iPad, don’t worry. The Trace ‘n’ Draw case has a sprung clip for holding a sheet of paper. Just load up a picture on the iPad’s screen, slot in the paper, and let you little one trace away. The marker pen is non-toxic and packs neatly away in the case’s discreet drawer after use. And to keep your touchscreen neat and clean it even comes with a durable static peel screen protector. Well, we wouldn’t let anyone near our iPad with a marker pen, let alone a kiddie.

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