Green Lantern Mimobots
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Green Lantern Mimobots

Beware their power!

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    In brightest day, in blackest night... well, we’ve all had one of those. Losing all your files when your computer crashed? That was pretty bleak. But fear not – defending your important data from mortal peril are the Green Lantern Mimobots.

    Decked out in the heroic colours of the Green Lantern Corps, these 2GB or 4GB USB sticks are perfect for backing up your files or moving them between PCs (and Macs). Not a fan of do-gooders? Not to worry. The Green Lanterns’ arch enemy Sinestro completes the set with his own dastardly yellow outfit.

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    Packed with exclusive Green Lantern content (not to mention monster noggins) they’re far more fun than boring old USB sticks; or a great gift to the DC fan in your life. But remember, with great power... oh wait, wrong movie.

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